Meet Our Team of Experts

Discover the dynamic team behind Digital^Shift, where expertise meets innovation in the realm of business transformation. We unite seasoned professionals and alumni from leading consulting firms, who possess extensive expertise across diverse industries. With a diverse roster of seasoned professionals and industry pioneers, we're committed to driving impactful change through AI implementation and strategic consultancy.

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Karen Ryan

Founder and President
Karen Ryan is an accomplished executive advisor and business architect. With a wealth of experience, she assists organizations in transforming complex operations to capitalize on the value of new digital capabilities.
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Maurice Chang

Founder and Partner
Maurice Chang brings over 20 years of management consulting experience from EY/PwC/IBM. As a strategic business partner, advisor, and investor, Maurice co-founded Digital^Shift to focus on AI/NLP/ML.

Marli Ramsey

Principal – Business Transformation
Marli Ramsey is an adept transformation leader, assisting clients in creating better business practices and customer experiences through the power of digital technology and analytics.
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Lisa Gillespie

Principal - AI Transformation and Adoption
With over 20 years of management consulting experience, Lisa Gillespie is a strategic and pragmatic business advisor. She focuses on AI transformation and adoption at Digital^Shift.
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Randi Elkind

Principal – Supply Chain
Randi Elkind is an accomplished senior advisor and business architect in the supply chain and procurement industry. She helps organizations minimize risk and enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency while leveraging digital solutions.
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Helen Moroz

Principal - Policy and Governance
Helen Moroz is a policy, research, and stakeholder relations expert. She excels in building consensus to drive transformational change, bridging data and policy, and integrating AI capabilities into innovative business solutions.
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Patrick Mok

Principal – Strategy and M&A
Patrick Mok is a C-suite advisor with extensive experience in large-scale systems implementations, business operations re-engineering programs, and M&A execution across various sectors globally.
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John Slowakiewicz

SME – Enterprise Transformation
John is a senior management consultant with a focus on strategic development, financial services transformation, and operationalization in both the public and private sectors. A strong relationship builder and innovative performer with a proven ability to bridge the gap between business and technology to build sustainable operational capability and deliver client desired results in diverse and often uncharted environments.
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Kam Nagra

SME - Business Solution Architect
Kam Nagra is a professional engineer providing management consulting services to supply chain and service industries. With a strong track record in successfully planning, developing, and implementing business transformational changes, Kam brings valuable expertise to Digital^Shift.
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Mike Vanderlee

SME – Strategic Business Growth
Mike Vanderlee specializes in strategic and tactical planning/execution for business growth. With experience in network, platform, application software, and systems integration environments across multiple industries, Mike brings valuable insights to Digital^Shift.
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Allan Amos

SME – Digital Transformation
Allan Amos is a purposeful strategic IT leader with expertise in designing, building, and maintaining information systems. He specializes in digital transformation, AI, and emerging technologies across various industries and financial services regulators.
Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

Consultant – Data Scientist
A newly minted data scientist, Jack combines a robust technical background from the University of Toronto's Industrial Engineering program with emerging experience in consultancy. Skilled in data science and process optimization, Jack is poised to drive innovation and efficiency, translating complex data insights into actionable business strategies.

Chief Motivation Officer

Introducing Lexi, our esteemed Chief Motivation Officer. With boundless enthusiasm and infectious energy, Lexi embodies the spirit of positivity and productivity. As our resident motivator, she excels in fostering a harmonious work environment, ensuring that amidst the hustle and bustle of deadlines, there's always room for fun and laughter. Whether it's offering a comforting paw or a playful nudge, Lexi knows just how to lift our spirits and keep us focused on success.


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