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At Digital^Shift, we're pioneering the interface between technology and business, redefining the landscape of government and corporate interactions through the power of AI and digital innovation. Our suite of solutions, including AI adoption and AI solutions, is designed to streamline operations, enhance strategic decision-making, and foster growth.

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Government of Ontario Single Window for Business

Digital^Shift developed a prototype retrieval engine aimed at reducing barriers encountered by business users interacting with the Ontario government. Ontario business owners face a fragmented experience navigating the complex landscape of government programs-, with approximately 200 business-facing ministry programs within the Ontario Public Service and around 6,000 relevant business pages on Ontario.ca, accessing information online proves to be a challenging and convoluted experience.

Identifying the Challenge

The initiative of Ontario's Single Window seeks to create a unified online experience, facilitating ease of access to provincial information and services.

Digital^Shift was one of four companies selected to develop a prototype of an online solution to make it easier for businesses to access relevant provincial business information, navigate Ontario regulations and provide integrated information for user needs.

Developing the Solution

Our integrated solution delivers value through a suite of interface, information, and insights offerings with a conversational AI platform, document curation and knowledge base with AI insights and CX analytics.

Key Features

  • A 'digital concierge' offering real-time assistance, resource retrieval, and creation of business advisor reports
  • Document curation engine utilizing AI for automatic generation of metadata and summaries
  • Dynamic knowledge base providing 24/7 access to resources based on user needs
  • Insights generated through NLP analysis of chat transcripts, offering valuable market insights
  • Pre-built operator back-end equipped with 44 operational KPIs for continuous improvement

Equitable Life Smoker's Propensity Model

Digital^Shift has prototyped an ML model designed to predict effectively whether a life insurance applicant is a smoker. Life insurance applicants often conceal their tobacco usage, posing a challenge for Equitable Life in accurately pricing policies during underwriting, potentially leading to financial losses. Traditional measures, such as fluid tests for nicotine metabolites, are time-consuming and resource-intensive, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when lab access is restricted.

Identifying the Challenge

Recognizing the need for a reliable predictive model, Digital^Shift embarked on developing an ML solution tailored to Equitable Life's requirements. Addressing the imbalance in data and the high cost of false negatives, we conducted thorough data exploration and analysis to identify relevant predictors and enhance model accuracy.

Developing the Solution

Working closely with Equitable Life, we developed a prototype smoker propensity model, employing suitable algorithms and sampling techniques to ensure practical feasibility and cost-effectiveness. Our collaborative effort resulted in a model achieving prediction rates that met Equitable Life's needs, providing an efficient solution to mitigate risks associated with underwriting life insurance policies.

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OMERS AI & NLP Innovation

Digital^Shift pioneers AI and NLP solutions for OMERS, one of Canada's largest pension investment funds, managing nearly $100 billion in assets. Seeking to enhance expert analyst work, OMERS' global investments division aimed to integrate digital labour into its capital markets team.

Identifying the Challenges

Every quarter, thousands of companies report earnings, generating a significant volume of data. Despite its value, earnings transcripts are typically lengthy, averaging 54 minutes per call, with an average read rate of less than 5%.

Developing the Solution

OMERS' global investments division sought to enhance analyst productivity in the capital markets team. Our solution utilized NLP modelling to provide expert analysts with a digital assistant for efficient analysis of earnings data. Key features include:

  • Mentions in earnings calls: Automatically analyze millions of utterances across transcripts in seconds. Analysts can track keyword trends like "coronavirus" over time by sector and company, identifying which executives emphasized or reemphasized the topic and their perceptions of threats or opportunities.
  • Transcript topic coverage: Instantly zoom into specific exchanges from millions of executive-analyst conversations. Analysts can effortlessly drill down into transcripts to understand the importance of topics discussed and gain insights into executives' and analysts' perspectives.
  • Sentiment analysis: Analyze the relative sentiment of management vs. analysts over time and by topic coverage. This tool allows analysts to parse transcripts by sentiment, revealing how different topics evoke emotions and providing valuable perspective and insight.

Other Projects

Pharma Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital^Shift develops a strategic digital transformation roadmap for a pharma client. It engaged Digital^Shift to formulate a 3-year strategic roadmap aimed at transforming the operational and technology aspects of the organization. Through collaborative workshops and industry trend analysis, we identified opportunities and developed a comprehensive roadmap tailored to their needs.

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Post Secondary HRIS Systems Review

Digital^Shift performs an HRIS systems review for a university. The university is supported by nearly 2,700 dedicated faculty and staff members.

The University enlisted Digital^Shift to review its HRIS implementation and develop a long-term transformation roadmap. Through workshops and requirements analysis, we identified business requirements and formulated a roadmap to enhance HR operations.

Financial Regulator

Digital^Shift provided critical resources to enable the regulator to implement its first AI implementation designed to enhance the productivity of licensing agents through a decision support portal using a variety of advanced techniques, including generative AI and Large Language Models.

Energy Regulators

Digital^Shift provided an AI/ML platform for the energy regulator to begin significant work on data collection, aggregation and cleansing for their data analytics team.

Digital^Shift provided another regulator with training courses through workshops on AI use cases and AI governance.

Product Businesses

Digital^Shift has provided AI-supported responses for RFPs for clients with limited resources. D^S maintains response libraries for these clients to ensure productive and timely completion of RFPs.

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